Globally after investing in expensive CAD/CAM/CAE (CAx) and other Engineering software, organizations would like to use these software to full potential on a sustainable basis.

Organization Challenges

  • Capture and Retain CAx expertise.

  • Transfer CAx best practices across people and teams.

  • Continuous evaluation/training of people on the Job.

  • Recognition of CAx experts in the company.

  • Evaluation of usage of CAx Licenses in
    Parts & Projects.

Expertise Capture

  • Real-time Capture of Modelling Steps for Part / Assembly in CAx.

  • Time Taken to develop Part / Assembly in CAx.

  • License Modules Used by Individuals in developing the Part / Assembly.

  • License Modules Utilization by Individual / Dept / Divn / BU / Org.

  • Time Spent in various Applications (MS Office / Altair / Matlab etc.) by Title.

Skill Development

  • Identification of Best Modelled Part / Assembly by Steps and Time.

  • Identification of Training needs for Individuals.

  • Project Based Tracking of Part / Assembly work Progress.

  • Reconfiguration of Licenses to suit the Organization needs.

  • Identification of correct licenses to purchase in future.

Project Report
Compare Parts by Modelling Sequence
Bar Chart of Selected Data
Compare Parts by Modelling Sequence
Bar Chart of Selected Data
Compare Parts by Modelling Sequence
Bar Chart of Selected Data
UGNX Login Dashboard
  • Parts and Assembly

  • By Total Command Duration and Work Duration

  • Compare by Individual Commands used. Duration and Count

  • Compare Parts by Modeling Sequence

  • Project Report

  • Assign Parts to Projects for Tracking

  • Project Report by Parts showing Command Count, Command Duration and Work Duration

  • Application Usage

  • Application used by User, by Title and Duration

  • License Usage By User

  • By Total, Year, Month, Date Range and Commands

  • License Utilization

  • By Dept, Divn for Total, Year, Month, Date Range, Hour Range

  • Login Dashboard

  • Min and Max by at 10 min interval

  • Real time who has logged in by Title name